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Oscar Scheller Releases Heartfelt Single ‘Half Eaten’

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Following the announcement of his new album ‘Boys Cry’ which was released on 15th January,   Oscar Scheller has released his new single ‘Half Eaten’. 

Never being one for conventionality Oscar uses the track as a memoir to his younger self, exposing a side to the indie pop singer we haven’t seen before. 

Oscar explained; “This song is a diary entry of the 14-year-old me living in a new area, going to a new school, and generally really struggling. “Half Eaten” because I felt like there was half of me left, as I was being consumed by anxiety which took away my appetite for life.”

This deeply personal message is one that can resonate with us all and especially with young people who may be going through a similar situation now. 

What the track does so well is that it shows us that we can overcome the obstacles that we may face and become stronger in the process, as Oscar can attest to. 

The heartfelt single comes after the release of three more new songs, all from Oscar’s much anticipated fourth studio album. 

Each song has the classic mellow pop sound that Oscar is best known for, whilst also showing his flair for quirky lyricism.

If his new releases are anything to go by Oscar’s upcoming album will be one to watch out for in the new year.