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MATEI Releases Haunting New Single ‘Omen’

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London’s hottest new artist MATEI has released his new single to the world. The track, Omen, laces powerful vocals with evocative beats and rhythms to create a new sound that sounds perfect on a 2021 morning.  You can enjoy Omen here:

There is beauty in expressing strong emotion with subtlety. MATEI establishes a genuine connection by allowing you to directly access his thoughts at his most intimate and vulnerable, treating you less as an audience and more as a participant.

With pop as the foundation, the London-based singer-songwriter creating under the artist name MATEI, draws rhythm and sonic patterns from a variety of genres, especially commercial pop and trap. He takes inspiration for vocals from RnB and soul artists while embracing the depth of his baritone. The voice as an instrument, the uniqueness it gives to every single person and its capability to express and create an emotion always fascinated him. This fascination together with his love for poetry and storytelling inspires him to create a narrative by combining contemporary sound design and sound manipulation.

Expressiveness and powerful visuals are at the centre of his pursuit of evocative music. The emotions that he writes and sings of are not tied to individuals. They are contemplations of the past experiences and the feelings and changes they evoked. They are stories of relationships, friendships, separation, loneliness and coping. In contrast to other elements of his music, he shows no subtlety in expressing the importance of acceptance and self-respect. Rather than flooding with a stream of thoughts, Matej takes you, a listener, a participant, deep underwater and guides you through the experience with a promise of reconciliation upon emerging to the surface.

MATEI’s music takes inspiration from R&B, poetry and storytelling and 2021 is sure to be a huge year for the artist. His music lives in the spaces between pop, R&B and story telling, and we can’t wait to hear more from him across the year.

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