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Jazz Holdouts Album ‘Summer Nights’ is Truly Outstanding

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Jazz band Jazz Holdouts pull out all the stops in their latest album ‘Summer Nights and we love it. Jazz Holdouts give us the smooth and rich sound we have come to expect from jazz music and some more. The entire album packs a punch with the melodic sound of the talented band taking centre stage on these tracks. ‘Summer Nights’ is definitely the perfect album to sit back, relax and have a coffee to while you listen.

You can enjoy Summer Nights here:

Jazz Holdouts are a contemporary chill jazz band, comprising of several extremely talented musicians in this field. The band have also toured with many accomplished names in pop and R&B over the last few decades. 

After the release of their debut album ‘Summer Nights’ in 2018, the band received a great response from the industry and their listeners. Their leading single from the album also titled ‘Summer Nights.’ became a number one single and the sky has been the limit for the band ever since. 

Jazz Holdouts plan to continuing creating more music for their listeners in the future, with the hopes of reaching an even larger audience in the process. 

‘Summer Nights’ is truly an astounding piece of jazz artistry and is something this band should be incredibly proud of. We can’t wait to see what comes next from this gifted band. 

You can follow Jazz Holdouts on their journey through their socials