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Brezo Has Released Another Acoustic Album ‘Variable’

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With precise Fingerstyle technique and harmony in each track, Brezo captures our attention, and we believe that you will enjoy it as well. Whether you are a jazz fan or a guitar enthusiast, Brezo has composed a fantastic album combining both worlds. We are incredibly amazed that every single track is unique and represents what it supposed to. If you enjoy instrumental music as we do, you should listen to Brezo’s album ‘Variable’.

You can enjoy Variable here:

Brezo is a Fingerstyle and crossover guitarist and composer with style and influences of groups and soloists, such as Pentangle, Tommy Emmanuel, Vicente Amigo, and James Taylor. Instrumental music, around the acoustic guitar.

Brezo plays with the French pianist Eric Simone under a name Brezo Dúo creating a fusion of jazz, rock and new music. Brezo also acts as a soloist on acoustic and Spanish guitar and synthesizer guitar, making a wide and suggestive journey through the worlds of the guitar.

Wide instrumental repertoire, with a variety of styles and musical references.
He has released several albums, and recently, an original instrumental music CD called “Variable”, which can be heard on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Spotify, Amazon and Deezer.

Variable is a workaround for the fingerstyle and crossover acoustic guitar. It contains 16 tracks following the compass rose, around the Iberian Land. The winds are arranged geographically according to the needles of the clock, from the northeast to the north, crossing different styles and musical geographies.

You can see and listen to a musical selection on their Youtube, Facebook and Instagram.

After listening to Brezo’s new album ‘Variable’, we can only say that his fingerstyle guitar technique is impressing and can get enough of it. It is incredible to witness an artist focusing on a particular style throughout the whole album. Hopefully, we will explore more of Brezo’s music in the future.

You can follow Brezo on their journey through their socials