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Aidan Reid Continues to Fascinate us with New Single ‘Romanticised’

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Pop singer/songwriter Aidan Reid announces the upcoming release of his new single ‘Romanticised. This latest release comes after the success and impact of his singles ‘Winona Ryder’ in 2018 and ‘The Closest’ in 2020. What Aidan does so well throughout his discography is that he uses the contagious backdrop of pop rhythm mixed with a combination of heartfelt and intelligent lyricism, to create an infectious sound that keeps listeners coming back for more.

Aidan Reid is a 21 year old British/South African singer-songwriter artist living, writing and recording in London. Although he is a pop artist, he often pairs his music’s pop sonic sound with a dark, more somber lyricism. Aidan moved to the UK as a teenager already having been writing and making his own music for several years prior. As soon as he finished school at 18, he moved to London to study song writing and production whilst pursuing a career as a musician. The themes of Aidan’s music vary greatly. From my single ‘Winona Ryder’ which is a tongue and cheek indie pop track about 90’s nostalgia and pretentious fashion trends, to ‘The Closest’ which is a pop ballad about the fears and anxieties surrounding opening up to someone you love. A lot of Aidan’s music, is based on fictional narratives he has made up, whilst mixing a bit of his own truth in there as well. Aidan primarily likes to be a storyteller with his music. As a queer artist, Aidan’s own identity as a member of the LGBTQ+ community greatly embeds itself into a lot of his songs as well. He wants to make music that reflects his own queerness in a way where other queer people can listen and hear something they can relate to and that they wouldn’t normally be able to hear in the pop catalogue of today.

As Aidan’s previous singles can attest to this is a young artist who is definitely one to watch, with a powerful message to share. Aidan’s new single will be released on the 26th February and we know this is one that shouldn’t be missed.

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