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Starliner Delights Us With Their Electric New EP ’20/20′

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Reminiscent of the iconic Van Halen, Starliner’s electric lead synths, gritty drums and strong vocals take us right back to those timeless rock bands. We love it.

Starliner, Houston-based pop/rock artist, releases his debut EP, 20/20. The 6-track EP follows the release of singles on the EP, “20/20”, and “Never Satisfied.”

20/20 is a thematic concept album full of captivating pop songs, structured similarly to that of a movie soundtrack. The EP has recurring themes both musically and lyrically, and the main theme each track is centered around is time.

Starliner focuses on maintaining a balance between time. Being able to look back on the past without dwelling on it. Preparing for the future, but ultimately remaining in the present because we don’t know what the future holds.

The highlight track on the album, “20/20” embodies the true theme of the EP, by teaching listeners to learn what you can from the past and move on.
While each song beautifully resonates on its own, the true masterpiece is the experience of listening to the entire album all at once. Even though this year has been quite an experience already, 20/20 is a perfect end of the year pick-me-up.

Listen to 20/20:

After listening to Starliner’s EP, we sure are going to ‘seize the night’ and fish out our old rock playlists. Whether it’s Van Halen, Whitesnake or Def Leppard, we feel Starliner beautifully sits amongst the greatest rock bands around.

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