Siêm Folknomade releases delightful single ‘King of Sorrow’

Siêm Folknomade releases delightful single ‘King of Sorrow’

This beautifully arranged, mellow song hooks you from the first chord. The vocal is delightfully expressive and plays with this haunting melody. Listening is pure joy.

Siêm Folknomade Already released Single, ‘King of Sorrow’

Neo Berberian — Neo Poetry.
Arabic, English, French.

Emerging artist, Siêm Folknomade is an independent DIY Executive Producer and Artistic Director, constantly creating a new imagining to the Arabic language, and her “Folknomade” inspired by the African heritage of tradition, the resilience of orality and the divine freedom of poetry.

Listen to King of Sorrow:

We’re really impressed with the musicianship and production quality of this song. Can’t wait to hear further releases from Siêm Folknomade.

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