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Mörmaid’s New Single ‘Set Free’ is Here, and it’s Brilliant

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Mörmaid’s first single release of the year is here, and what a single it is! ‘Set Free’ is an energetic, hair-raising, and eclectic monster of a track. The pounding bass line and pumping drum beat are unlike anything you’ll here in this genre. Mörmaid has carved out a unique path and a stand-out approach within a busy genre, it’s unforgettable. Mörmaid’s sultry and lacy vocals bring an element of softness and warmth, contrasting beautifully against the hard-hitting instrumental. This is a trance-like hit that will remain in your memory and subconscious long after you hear it.

London-based Norwegian artist and producer Mörmaid is a constantly exploring figure of progressive electro pop and has proven herself to be an unstoppable creative force in the fields between electronic and vocal experimentation. With a strong sense of rhythmic energy and harmonic drive coupled with angelic vocals and personal lyrics, her music is as hypnotic as it is energising. She also appears in projects such as Ben Alexander, Tobi Duchampe, Jenny Alien and Brand New Moon.

“Set Free” is her brand new single in collaboration with drummer and producer Bård Berg. Mörmaid’s ethereal vocals and experimental production approach coupled with Berg’s innovative style in beat-making and sound shaping creates a captivating mixture of beauty and fierceness in this track, that presents how one can find themselves trapped in a pattern in life that they desperately wish to break out of.

Mörmaid is a truly exciting pop star who encompasses the meaning of the word ‘artist’. Her music is art, a sight and sound to behold, with dark wispy tones and an electrifying beat to boot. We are witnessing a star on the rise, unconstrained by mainstream norms and trends, she is stomping out her own path and unique sound. You can follow her journey through her Instagram.