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Mariah Carey brings the festive cheer, releasing an iconic cover of her original song “Oh Santa!” together with Ariana Grande and Jennifer Hudson

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The five-time Grammy winner renewed fans with Christmas cheer, releasing a cover of her celebrated Christmas anthem “Oh Santa!”.

Mariah Carey forming an iconic trio together with Ariana Grande and Jennifer Hudson took Christmas back from the pandemic.

On December 3rd at midnight Mariah Carey released the video to the public showcasing an incredible performance from all three singers.

The music video showcased Carey descending onto a platform in the middle of Santa’s workshop in which walls were decorated in red velvet with gold clock gears, as elves danced around wrapped gifts in the anticipation to Christmas.

Carey stood in the middle in red with Grande and Hudson complimenting her at the side festively wearing green.

Towards the end of the video, both Mariah Carey and Ariana Grande seal off the performance by singing in whistle tone, making the performance one to remember.

Carey, when speaking to Billboard of the collab, said: “Visually, in the special, it really does feel like a girl group moment. I think we all had a good time with it. That was the fun part about it.”