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Grace Parry Releases Sultry New Single ‘Real’

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Grace Parry’s newest single, ‘Real’, is a sultry hit that brings back an era of RnB that is overdue a resurgence. Grace Parry’s vocals flow like honey, reminiscent of 90s Mariah Carey, and the song will set the mood for any romantic night in. We love the electric piano, the vocal layering and smooth melodic flow. This song has all the hallmarks of a classic, and a tune that will last through the ages. You can listen to ‘Real’ here:

Grace Parry, a Welsh singer-songwriter has been playing the piano and composing her own songs since she was five years old. Her latest single, ‘Real’, is a heartfelt ode to the joy of falling madly, passionately, head over heels in love.

Grace explains: ‘’Real’ is about finding someone who gives you that real, authentic love. Being so in love with someone that they make every day feel like a fantasy…. I have often imagined how it would feel to be deeply in love with someone and have no reservations whatsoever. For many of us, whether we admit it or not, we fantasise about having that real love and passion….’

“For many of us, whether we admit it or not, we fantasise about having that real love and passion”

Born in Swansea, South Wales, concert pianist Grace performs regularly at festivals and events, including London and Cardiff Pride, with a mixture of covers and her own original material. Her songs are written from personal experience and are deeply heartfelt, which she believes accounts for her appeal to her diverse fanbase, while her extensive vocal range enables her to perform with eclectic variation across every musical genre. ‘I love performing at festivals, and Pride is particularly close to my heart because I’ve had a lot of support from the LGBT community throughout my singing career. I am honoured and humbled to have been involved in Pride as I am a huge believer in love and I believe that love is love, no matter who you fall in love with and that should always be celebrated. I feel too often that people are pressured to put labels on their identity or their sexuality. The world would be a much better place if people were accepted for who they are.’

With ‘Real’, Grace was influenced by 90s R’n’B, the music she grew up listening to. Working with David Adonis, she has stated, was a dream come true. A self confessed, old fashioned, true romantic, Grace Parry’s optimistic ode to real love is the perfect antidote to the misery of recent times.

Grace Parry is a truly talented and charismatic vocalist and writer who adds so much musically to her genre, challenging modern norms and bringing back an exciting period in RnB through her music. Her vocal ability is rare and her tone is unique, we are excited to see where she takes her music next.

You can continue to follow Grace Parry’s journey on her socials.