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Drew Henmi Releases Incredible New EP ‘Begin Again’

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It’s the moment we have been eagerly anticipating, Drew Henmi’s new EP, ‘Begin Again’ is here and it is stunning; it’s giving us a beautiful and hopeful escape from this year. The EP is underscored by Drew’s cutting-edge signature sound, a medley of resounding acoustics interlaced with Drew’s airy, soothing vocals and harmonies. In pressing play on this EP, you press pause on the stresses of the world and get taken away to a long winding highway road, a beach with sun-kissed sands and a day in nature with the ones you love. This project is beyond beautiful. It’s uplifting and  it’s a mandatory addition to your music collection. Our hopes were high, and Drew has somehow still managed to exceed them. You can listen to the full EP here:

‘Shine Your Light’ is a hopeful and upbeat anthem that delivers an encouraging message to embrace yourself unapologetically and lean into your passions. The musicality is somewhat reminiscent of songs by The Lumineers and Mumford & Sons. In times such as this where many parts of the world are still in lockdowns and people are feeling isolated, this song is a ray of light shining directly into home and circumstance.

Our favourite track from the EP, aside from Higher which we previously wrote about here, is ‘See This Through’. The winding guitar melodies and expansive, spacious production is masterfully put together. This, coupled with the simple refrain, makes for a very memorable song that will stay in your head and on your tongue all day. The heartfelt lyrics encourage you to “keep on pushing forward” and will stir up sentiments of determination and perseverance from within you.

“Begin Again” proves itself as a sonic opportunity for listeners to wash their hands clean from the craziness of 2020, as we reset and move forward. While things are still unsteady, there is hope. Drew Henmi is a singer-songwriter and producer with a passion for indie-folk, alternative, pop and more. His music features lush and ethereal soundscapes built upon a solid foundation of singer-songwriter tradition, in the vein of songwriters such as Radiohead, Bon Iver or Maggie Rogers. His sound is personal and authentic, and it’s hard to constrain it in the usual genre categories.

“Begin Again” is an uplifting collection of songs focused on themes of resilience, determination and hope. Its our favourite release of the year so far. It’s the type of art that you have to revisit often and share widely, and we are certain of the impact it will have on everyone who engages with it. Drew is an outdoorsy person and a lover of nature, and he brings that beauty into his music and brings us into his world. A truly stunning release. You can continue to stay up to date with Drew’s journey on his Instagram page.