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Jennings Couch Releases Lockdown Anthem, ‘Stay Low’

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It’s hard to imagine that any beauty would come out of the current pandemic and numerous lockdowns, however, Jennings Couch is an undoubtedly stunning and comforting product of our current global climate. His new single, ‘Stay Low’ flaunts strong and punchy vocals coupled with a smooth yet rhythmic production that makes for a catchy composition that you have to sing along to. The uplifting melody is juxtaposed against the lyrics which reflect concerns about the future of creatives and the government’s poor advice for them. Inspired by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, ‘Stay Low’ focuses on the impact on those working in the creative industries. 

Musically, the song is a blend of alternative LoFi and indie pop. Utilising synthesisers that are not always perfectly in tune, alongside lazy drumbeats gives this song a relaxed vibe, contrasting the seriousness of the lyrical situation. You can listen to ‘Stay Low’ here:

Born in the wilderness of New York City, raised in rural England and made on the streets of London, Jennings Couch is someone who embraces change. Jennings Couch employs pitch perfect harmonisations and anthemic arrangements that provide fans with rich and varied soundscapes that compare to the likes of Twenty One Pilots, The 1975, and Imagine Dragons.

His lyrics deal with a range of philosophical, social and scientific topics from physics to heartbreak and everything in between. With every new release Jennings pushes the envelope further, creating edgy alternative pop music that is worthy of recognition. Whether a result of his influences, travels, or tendency towards the obtuse, one this is certain: in an era of copycat faux-musicality, Jennings Couch is a refreshingly unique proposition.

With this release, Jennings Couch has established that he is a leader in the industry and is unafraid to ensure his voice is heard on topics that are important to him. All the while keeping the message palatable and wrapped in an accessible and digestible musical packaging. This is a hard balance to strike and Jennings is masterful in his approach. We recommend that you continue to follow his journey through his Instagram.