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Dr. Alphonsu Banging New Single, ‘Destiny 021 -Is a Long Run-‘

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Dr. Alphonsu debuts his energising new single ‘Destiny 021 -Is a Long Run-‘. This bouncing new dance track will keep you motivated through any workout or long run. As Dr. Alphonsu shares with us:

“This track fell on the table at the late quarter of 2020, this year that has been a big struggle for many and the lyrics and energy have been laid to be a positive inspiration for the future, ‘life is a long run’ to not forget that there is a broad horizon, we cannot get trapped in the daily struggle and we should do the most to feel freedom and joy in life. The track is meant to be a sort of balm and spark a sense of liberation and relief, at least this is the aim and purpose. Finally decided to name it ‘Destiny 021” to latch it somehow in the current time.”

Dr. Alphonsu is a Pop Punk artist, basically concerned about the disruption of the new technologies in the human kind. Satire/deep lyrics pointing to the fun side of things (most of the times).

Enric Carbonell AKA DoctR’n’Ric, is a music producer from Catalunya. During his career he have produced, composed and engineered a wide array of albums being Reggae, Dub and Jamaican Music (the primary style he’s been involved). Currently he’s creating Electronic Music tracks, a style that he worked extensively in the mid 90’s and is giving him an enjoyable freedom of creation currently.

You can listen to Dr. Alphonsu’s on iTunes or here:

As Dr. Alphonsu shares, 2020 really has been a massive struggle. Finding music that energises and inspires has been so important to shift our mindset into a more positive place. Here’s to great joy and freedom in 2021.

You can follow Dr. Alphonsu on their journey through their social media: https://linktr.ee/dralphonsu