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Celeste Caramanna’s Latest Single, ‘Hilarious’ is Entralling

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Celeste Caramanna released her latest single ‘Hilarious’ in October of this year, and it’s a funky masterpiece. This song gives us certified summer vibes, and makes us reminiscent of warmer times. The driving groove is contagious, and Celeste’s soulful vocal are the icing on the top of a masterful production. 

The inspiration for this track came from the London-based singer’s desire for lightness and freedom following the summer of 2020 and the current state of bewilderment, stress and fear. ‘Hilarious’ speaks of the need to rediscover freedom, connecting with people, and rediscovering the joy in living that was a lost during lockdown; the punchy bass, the guitar and the percussive Brazilian style combine to create an uplifting and cheerful mood. You can listen to the song here:

Italian born Celeste always knew she wanted to be a singer, and at the age of three her father, sensing her passion, bought her a portable cassette player which she always carries with her. At twelve she began to formally study singing and piano and appeared on the Italian TV programme ‘Io Canto’, which gave her a platform to perform with many established Italian popstars. She discovered that singing was pure joy and that it was the ultimate way to express herself musically, and for the next few years worked on her vocals while collaborating with songwriters and musicians to write her debut album, +18, which was released in June 2017.

In 2018 she began to perform in London with a mix of her own songs and reinterpretations of classics from samba to bossa nova, exploring the rhythms and sounds of Brazilian music as well as funk, soul and pop. Celeste has performed all over the world and in legendary venues including the Union Chapel (London) and Paradiso (Amsterdam), opening for major artists such as Milton Nascimento, Martino Da Vila, and Nando Reis.

In 2019 Celeste began a three EP project, a triptych called ‘Anthropophagic’, a single path with three different moods: the first Brazilian, the second funk, soul and pop, and the third and last a uniquely ‘Celestial’ sound that blends all these musical influences to create something more personal, characteristic and distinctively Celeste. The previous two EPS were released, respectively, on June 14 2019 and November 29 2019, and the final EP is out on Friday October 23.

This uplifting composition will carry and last for many summers to come. Celeste’s flair and charisma shine through on this release, bringing positivity and a deeper feeling of hope. You can follow Celeste Caramanna on her journey through her Instagram.