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The Voltz Releases Gritty New Single, ‘Glitterbomb ‘

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The Voltz debuts their gritty new single, ‘Glitterbomb’ with a classic, driving beat, reminiscent of work by Kasabian. Glitterbomb is the type of song that’s essential on a long drive with the top down and wind rushing through your hair. The song is about people that come into your life that have a big impact but inevitably lead to a crush of gigantic proportions.

You can listen to The Voltz’s Single here:

The Voltz are here to deliver Tizer fuelled rockness to your doorstep with a platform shoe in the last century and a space boot in the 21st. This fiery release is set to be a fan favourite. It feels like a breath of fresh air and it’s exciting to witness an act on their way up to dominate the charts. This release allows The Voltz to deliver a hair-raising performance on a forward-thinking production.

You can follow The Voltz on their journey through their Instagram.