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Sabrina Carmen’s Latest Release, ‘ Hush’, is Captivating

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Sabrina Carmen debuted her unforgettable new single, ‘Hush’ earlier this year, and it is a stand-out release. Sabrina’s stunning vocal performance carries the listener into a world created and coloured by her. This release cuts through the noise in the indie genre and is already a fan favourite. ‘Hush’ is an introspective cinematic ballad, reflecting on the COVID-19 era and what a stay-at-home order can do to an over-active mind. You can listen to the song here:

The music video for ‘Hush’ is also very special, as it is comprised of various home video clips many people sent to me physically expressing their emotions during quarantine; the 2020 stories of the contributors brought the piece to life.

Pegged an “old soul” and born into an artistic family Sabrina Carmen grew up singing along to the likes of legends, including: Barbara Streisand, Whitney Houston, and Ella Fitzgerald. When she tragically lost her mother to breast cancer at just the tender age of thirteen, her passion for writing songs escalated, as it became her therapeutic form of expression, as well as an artistic outlet. This traumatic, yet transformative life event, shaped her heart-wrenching tone, and introspective style, still ever present in her music today.

Years of honing her skills have led Sabrina to write songs for other artists, perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live with Youngblood Hawke & Thirty Seconds to Mars, record vocals for the Thirty Seconds to Mars album, “LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS,” co-write with seasoned industry songwriters Billy Steinberg and Ken Hirsch, sign with Kari Kimmel’s licensing company ‘Glow Music Group,’ appear in a Gap holiday commercial singing background vocals for Janelle Monáe, and sing on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

Sabrina’s original music combines moody pop vocals with alternative cinematic vibes. From 2015 to early 2020, Sabrina went under the name “MadLyn” in honor of her mother, dubbing this era of her music as “The MadLyn Project.” In addition to taking on her mother’s name during this period, she also created, hosted, & performed in the on-going breast cancer fundraising music event, The Siren Song, in association with The National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF).

Sabrina’s newest single ‘Hush’ marks the first artistic endeavor under her own name, Sabrina Carmen. ‘Hush’ is an introspective cinematic ballad, reflecting on the COVID-19 era and what a stay-at-home order can do to an over-active mind. On October 30th 2020, Sabrina released a very special music video for ‘Hush’- she asked people to submit clips of themselves physically expressing their emotions during quarantine, and was amazed by the amount of people who wanted to share their stories. Their participation truly brought ‘Hush’ to life, as the emotions expressed in the clips pertaining to COVID-19 are felt and shared by us all.

This soothing release feels like a breath of fresh air and it’s exciting to witness an act on their way up to dominate the charts. This release allows Sabrina Carmen to shine through with her silky sensibility and deliver a breathtaking performance on an innovative production.

You can follow Sabrina Carmen on her journey through her Instagram.