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Dark Tides Releases New Hypnotic Single ‘Outside Myself’

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“So let me back in,
I don’t want to be here …”

It’s been a trying time for us all and these sentiments sure ring true…

“Outside Myself” is the bittersweet and stunning follow-up single to the outstanding “Runaway”. It will precede the long-awaited release from East London alternative 4-piece Dark Tides of their EP, ‘Venerate’.

“Drawing on a wide range of influences from Joy Division to Mazzy Star, new EP Venerate is a collection of melody-driven compelling ballads that traverse a fragile line between heartache and hope.” You might be tempted to draw comparisons to more recent artists such as Editors, White Lies and Interpol.

Focus track and second single from the EP, “Outside Myself”, is once again driven by the soothing and haunting vocals of lead singer Dan Butcher, here reminiscent of the great Bon Iver. The lyrics depict the inner monologue of a person staring into the mirror at the end of a long night, realising they have come to the end of a certain chapter in their life and struggling to find a clear path beyond this. The song is about not being able to recognise the person you have become, feeling trapped in a place that you can’t return from.

The music video was made by manipulating and layering time lapse footage of blooming and dying rose buds. The two main pieces of footage used are a positive and negative inversion of the same flower played in reverse so that the reflections of the rose buds are either blooming or dying at the same time, but never fully aligning. The band felt that the end result resonated with the opposing and reflective themes of the song.

“Our planet is a lonely speck in the great enveloping cosmic dark. In our obscurity, in all this vastness, there is no hint that help will come from elsewhere to save us from ourselves.”

The speaking voice that can be heard before the outdo of the song is a quote from the late astronomer, Carl Sagan. “Producer Nick Miles played us the audio clip of the quote whilst we were in his studio, it really resonated with the themes of lostness and alienation so we incorporated it into the track.”

Bittersweet lyrics for the modern world. Close your eyes and get lost in the tide…

Dan Butcher : Vocals
Scott Ruane : Guitar
Ian Flood : Bass
Owain Evans : Drums

“Outside of myself,
The party is over.”

You can listen to Dark Tides’s here:

This melodic soundscape creates a super relaxing space to reflect. We really do get lost in the waves with this one.

You can follow Dark Tides on their journey through their social media: Instagram, Facebook, Spotify & YouTube.