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ARNON Releases Funky New Single ‘Trumpeta’

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ARNON debuts his funky and phat new single ‘Trumpeta’. In his own words: “I made this track on the airport when I was about to fly to Moscow for my first gig there, I was so excited and wanted to make something really groovy, vibey and catchy at the same time. The trumpet line and the bass-line I think were the first thing that I wrote down, and then everything later came naturally to what the track sounds now. I showed the demo to all my friends and they were all like ‘this is hella catchy and vibey!’ Thats when I knew that I had to work and finish it and release it asap.

After I arranged the track, I found this great speech from President Reagan after Apollo Mission Disaster, and I thought it would be very inspiring and cool to put it on the song. Right there the track took another direction when it comes to its meaning. I think the rhythm of it does a great job about making you go off your limits, exploring the horizon and the higher consciousness”.

You can listen to ARNON’s new track here:

Rhythmic, funky and full of energy. This track will keep you dancing into the late hours. We love the inspiration of the speech sample too. Good vibes all round.

You can follow ARNON on his YouTube channel.