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Maestro Mi Releases Showcases Mastery in Music Video For Pipe Organ Improvisation, ‘Portes Ouvert’

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Maestro Mi showcases his immense talent in the music video to his impressive pipe organ improvisation, ‘Portes Ouvert’. The piece is a spontaneous composition which meanders its way through a variety of sonic worlds. Inspired by the music of Messian and La Monte Young. You can watch Maestro Mi’s music video here:

Afraaz Mulji, who goes by Maestro MI and Infinite Possibilities, is a twenty-one-year-old multidisciplinary artist, composer, poet, philosopher and curator. His work lies somewhere in the hazy intersection between theatre of the absurd, harsh noise, lyrical sufi poetry and architectural sound design. Born in Tanzania, he holds both Canadian and British passports, and currently lives in Toronto.

An improviser at heart, his music is a genre-bending exploration across myriad musical traditions. Employing techniques garnered from studies of Eastern and Western classical music, jazz and world music, he fuses these to create his own magic.

Working as a sculptor of soundart and purveyor of sonic mirages, Mulji experiments with field recordings of flowing water, insects, construction sites and airports.

As a virtuoso pianist and organist specializing in avant garde classical and free jazz, Afraaz throws caution to the wind, furiously questioning and reimagining boundaries.

This breathtaking release is set to redefine the classical genre. It feels like a journey through sound and art, and serves as a breath of fresh air in a traditional genre.

You can follow Maestro Mi on his journey through his Facebook Page.