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Jack Swing Releases Punchy New EP, ‘Get What’s Mine For You’

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Jack Swing debuts their fiery new EP, ‘Get What’s Mine For You’ comprised of electrifying tracks with a unique energy that cannot be bound to just one genre. The smooth yet powerful vocals carry their own in each tune against the backdrop of roaring electric guitar and hair raising drum parts. Jack Swing has released this EP to provide a source of light in a time when its hard to find any. This year has been marked by tragic events rolling into one another, but this EP breaks through that noise with a hopeful sound. One theme of this release is the title of the first song, “Get What’s Mine For You.” This release encompasses the energy of choosing to get the things from life that want and deserve. 

Isaiah Ross reaching out, on behalf of Pittsburgh based three-piece, Jack Swing. You can listen to Jack Swing ‘s EP here:

Jack Swing is a somewhat indescribable three-piece band from Pittsburgh. They do not quite fit into the classic rock and roll, indie, or pop worlds, they’ve transcended genre and seamlessly drawn from influences to create a sound of their own. Whatever you might want to call it, there’s one thing for certain – this local band has a big sound, captivating their audience with energetic live performances.

This is the third EP from the trio, and it is now available on all streaming platforms.

We predict that this exciting release will be devoured by fans. It feels like a breath of fresh air in the indie scene. This release allows Jack Swing to shine through with their smooth sensibility and deliver a breathtaking performance on an innovative production.

You can follow Jack Swing on their journey through their Instagram.