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Bourbon Blues Ensemble Release New Single, ‘Body Soul & Blues’

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Bourbon Blues Ensemble (BBE) debuts their catchy new Single, ‘Body Soul & Blues’. It is a unique combination of pop and electro, infused with haunting tones. BBE have surprisingly revealed that this song was on the shelf for more than a year. They wanted to part with the rock influences but they couldn’t find the right mix. Throughout this year the four-piece band went from pop, to EDM, back to rock until they found the right sound.

This new release was mastered by two-time Grammy award winner Andres Mayo. BBE is a blues band from León, México. You can listen to the new single here:

The ensemble started in 2014 when singer/songwriter, Lanch, invited guitarist, Fernz, and bassist, Alessandro Bergamo, to record a song with a bluesy feel. As soon as they finished their first song, they realised that the time was right to create blues sounds.

The band was soon joined by Pianist Jonathan Stephens, who spiced up the mix with his powerful and classic style playing. Soon after finishing their first song, they began writing and recording their debut album which was released in 2014. Their album was more than just a new record, it became an expression, a way to convey and share years of musicianship.

In 2018 BBE release their single “The Devil in You”. After searching for a new sound and wanting to bring something fresh to the scene they released their single “ADDICTED” earlier this year. The single has a fresh new sound and explores  music at a new level.

Body Soul & Blues is a departure of the Rock/Blues sound and more into Neo-Blues, it was released on 25 September 2020

This release is a bold step for the group, but one that will absolutely pay dividends as it conjures up a fresh sound that is rarely heard.

You can follow Bourbon Blues Ensemble on their journey through their Instagram