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Ben Yates Music Releases New Single, ‘The Fear’

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Ben Yates debuts his energetic new Single, ‘The Fear’. The song features Ben’s gorgeous vocals coupled with a creative and lively backing track which make for a catchy hook.

Born in small sea side town called Teignmouth, England, Ben started his music career 16 years ago playing his first gigs in pubs and clubs at the age of 15.

After losing a bet to a coworker a few years later he ended up having to audition for a cruise line as his forfeit and 2 weeks later he was based in Miami working for one of the biggest cruise lines in the world. Ben spent 11 years traveling the world and performing to thousands of people every week.

You can listen to Ben Yates Music’s Single here:

Whilst cruising he met his now wife, Lauren, who is from the North Eastern PA, which is where they now both reside. Ben spends his time playing gigs every weekend and building exposure as an upcoming talent in the pop world, by doing  local television and radio interviews.

His single ‘The Fear’ is the first original release and has had a great response so far! You can follow Ben Yates on his journey through his Facebook page.