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Akeylah Simone Flaunts Her Sultry Vocals in Moving Debut Single, ‘Uncertainty’

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Every so often, you discover a song that moves you in a way that you struggle to put into words. Akeylah Simone delivers a stirring vocal performance in her new song ‘Uncertain’ which speaks of a relatable journey towards her destiny. Her vocal and musical sound is reminiscent of Adele; perhaps a lofty comparison, but one that Akeylah’s breathtaking talent lives up to.

‘Uncertainty’ is divided into three sections; the first section describes the fear, doubt and frustration that accompanies venturing out towards a goal. The second verse details the struggles that surround us as we navigate our desires. Then, finally, in the third verse, the bold decision is made to take steps towards destiny. However, one resounding theme underlines the entire song, which is the Uncertainty.  

This song came naturally to Akeylah, taking only 24 hours to pen. However, 7 years passed between writing the song and releasing it. When describing the songwriting process, Akeylah says that “this was an extremely personal song which is why I hung onto it for so long but as more and more people hear it, I’m starting to learn this isn’t just my journey. This song is about life. This song is about everyone’s journey.”

Akeylah Simone is a groundbreaking artist from Virginia. While she has sang and performed for years, songwriting has only recently become her primary focus and she feels ready to share her original music with the world. Raised by two musicians, music has always been a big part of Akeylah’s life. She always knew she would be a performer and that she would pursue a life on stage.

“This song is about life. This song is about everyone’s journey.”

— Akeylah Simone

Music has always been Akeylah’s outlet for dealing with stress and anxiety. This inspired her “Therapy Sessions” initiative which consisted of hours of creating, singing, and sharing her best moments with her family and friends through social media. This developed into recording her debut single, ‘Uncertainty’.

We keenly anticipate future releases from the dynamic songstress and predict that this is the beginning of a flourishing career.