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Afrobeats Rising Star, EMP3ROR, Drops First Single From New EP

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Industry newcomer EMP3ROR blazes onto the Afrobeats scene with his captivating new single ‘Bygones’, which is his first release from his new EP. The catchy hook draws in listeners, making this a sure-fire hit for the Congolese-born song maker.

EMP3ROR’s EP consists of 4 tracks. He is employing an innovative strategy of releasing the EP in three versions in order to accommodate his global fanbase. The original version of the EP is penned in English, and there will be another version for East-Africa which will be in Swahili and Rwanda. EMP3ROR is not only a musical talent but also a linguistic expert who can draw in and include people from all over the globe into his music tribe.

The EP tells the tale of EMP3ROR’s life and late adolescence, and for that reason they feel autobiographical in nature. This is the perfect way for EMP3ROR to introduce himself to the world and leave an undeniable mark. Be sure to follow his Instagram so you do not miss a single release.